Reflux diet for Christmas avoids heartburn, use nature’s acid remedies

Best Reflux diet for Christmas is actually a simple change of lifestyle

I always think Christmas time is a time for families and fond memories. Every year my mind wanders back to Christmas past. As a child, I was fortunate enough to enjoy many happy festive times with family and friends. However, enjoyment is often spoiled by over indulgence and the effects of acid reflux, hence the idea for the reflux diet.

I have made it my ultimate ambition to avoid heartburn during Christmas time this year and to ensure my family enjoy good food with no need to suffer indigestion at Christmas either.

My brother George, in his fifties, and aunts and uncles, have tried countless Xmas heartburn remedies, usually with little success. Their fondness for fatty foods, rich desserts and copious amounts of alcohol are a recipe for disaster! So, I spent a little time researching an acid free Christmas diet, a furtive endeavour on my part, to provide delicious food that no one would dream was actually good for them!  Talking about healthy eating is not a topic my family are enamoured with but I am going to ensure they enjoy Christmas without heartburn.

The best reflux diet for Christmas

Firstly, I gathered together the ingredients I would need for an alcohol-freefruit punch, a tart and tangy mocktail with strawberries and mint, it’s main ingredient being cider vinegar, an excellent defence against acid reflux. Wanting my guests to have a choice of beverages I included a hot ginger and maple syrup toddy, knowing that the ginger is invaluable in the fight against indigestion.

heartburn at night

Next on my list was a recipe for buttermilk scones, to which I added cumin seeds and mashed banana, giving them a sweet and nutty flavour, the cumin, buttermilk and banana being further ammunition against heartburn and stomach upsets (particularly flatulence) as cumin seeds are renowned for aiding digestion.


No more heartburn at night

To stop reflux over Christmas, the main meal of turkey and vegetables were going to be as fat free as possible. The turkey would be basted in its own juices, no lard or butter. I was going to cook it in foil, placed downwards on its breast so that the meat would be moist and tender without the need for added fat. Asparagus tips with a dash of lemon, sprouts with a gentle crumble of crushed chestnuts and roast potatoes, carrots and parsnips glazed with honey, were going to accompany the turkey and a portion of homemade chestnut, crispy bacon and sage stuffing rolls. By using egg white to bind the ingredients in the stuffing, there would be no need to add butter, so a low fat but tasty option. Non-stick oven trays are an absolute necessity when preparing low fat or fat free stuffing rolls.

Choosing low fat cream to go with dessert was something I knew I would have to disguise as my family and guests would feel badly done to if they believed for a moment I was selling them short at Christmas time! Looking over my reduced fat, acid free Christmas diet, I congratulated myself and smiled a secret smile of satisfaction. Merry Christmas everyone!

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