Acid Reflux / GERD Diet, No more reflux at night

Acid reflux diet will give you heartburn free nights…

When it comes to coping with GERD – or acid reflux – life can seem incredibly unfair.

The sheer volume of foods and drinks will leave you with an uncomfortable sizzle in the chest is something you naturally want to avoid.

In a bid to help you make it possible to defeat severe heartburn, we recommend you take a look at this simple and effective GERD diet.

Acid reflux diet cures heartburn

It’s been designed to be realistic and to be actionable, and to give you all the help you need to cope with heartburn at night and to get yourself off any heartburn medication.

Taking medication merely stops the symptoms of heartburn today; to defeat acid reflux once and for all, you need to change how you live.

So, what consists of a well-meaning and reliable acid reflux diet that actually works?

The cure for acid reflux is in your hands Here

First off, any good acid reflux diet is going to be effective because it gets rid of the acid causing foods.

Do you smoke?

If you do and you want to put an end to your GERD nightmare, then you need to give up the smokes or at the very least cut right down for all sorts of health reasons Acid reflux is one of them.

Nicotine vastly weakens the esophageal muscle and it’s therefore nigh-impossible to get rid of heartburn permanently as a smoker.

If you want to know what to take for acid reflux, you need to realize cigarettes need to go first.

Once you do that, you need to cut down another common addiction: sugary treats and chewable ‘candy’; even gum.

The constant chewing means you take in more air, which leads to reflux issues.

Good acid diets

Cut out the following to stop acid reflux fast

  1. Fried, overly fatty foods. We need some fat in our diets, but make it’s the right stuff.
  2. Peppermint and spearmint foods and drinks; they only make the problem worse.
  3. Any kind of oil-based meals or dishes, which will make your acid reflux give you hell!
  4. Creamed foods and/or soups.
  5. Chocolate dishes.
  6. ANY fast food – we’ve yet to find a single fast food style that won’t work against your acid reflux treatment. And my 3 step plan.
  7. Try and limit your intake of citrus fruits, tea and coffee and any kind of caffeinated drink; it’s a red flag for GERD and is going to make it worse.

Plant based remedy for acid refluxMaking Up Your heartburn free Meals

So, now that you know what to avoid when you want to start curing acid reflux once and for all, what’s left to actually enjoy?

  • If you want to enjoy a glass of milk or any kind of dairy product, ensure its law-fat or preferably fat-free.
  • Any kind of vegetable that isn’t fried or creamed is a good one to go for. Basically, avoid creamed, fried and citrus-based fruits if you are suffering from GERD.
  • Any kind of high-fat plain breads should go; only grained foods made with a low-fat style should be enjoyed.
  • All of your meats has to become low-fat, too, with minimal fat when possible.

Stick to this, and all of the above problems about nighttime heartburn and trying to find the best medicine for acid reflux will come to an end.

acid diet book

The best remedy for heartburn is to change how you live; it’s that simple! It’s about what you cut out as much as what you take in.

  • No more heartburn induced sleepless nights
  • No more acid pain at unexpected times of the day
  • No need to keep a stock of acid reflux medicine
  • Much lower risk of more serious conditions

Pick your own cure for acid reflux…but if you have been suffering long-term from Gerd / Gurd you need to act now by exploring the above suggestions.

For all you ladies who are suffering acid reflux while pregnant or chronic heartburn and are concerned about what you can take while carrying your baby…CLICK HERE My guide on exactly this subject will give you an acid free pregnancy.

Until next time I wish you find the perfect acid reflux diet and start a heartburn free life.

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