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Hi my name is Marianna.

I have created my acid reflux cure site because my family were all suffering from acid at one time or another over the years.

My acid reflux during pregnancy was probably my worse experience and if you have had it while pregnant you know what talking about.

I spent years trying to find an effective cure for heartburn at night especially and nothing seemed to make a difference, not of any significance.

heartburn at night

I sat chatting to my grandmother one day and asked her if she had anything for heartburn (I was 6 months gone). I said I had run out of gaviscon tablets (which I ate like sweets).

She got up, went into the kitchen and came back with a warm cup of liquid. “Drink this.” and I did and within a moment or two my heartburn was gone.


She showed me it was “Baking soda and cider vinegar.” (Yes we have all that in the Philippines)

Acid reflux is on the rise (excuse the pun) but has been around for centuries and so has the cures. Which is why I wanted to share my grandmothers wise words and knowledge, so you don’t have to live with acid reflux.

Which is why I decided to put this resource together and give you my humble opinions on the best way to stop heartburn or daily acid reflux and that includes reflux while pregnant.

I hope you find it useful

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